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Here you will find what I think are the best free banner exchanges to join. If you wish to, you will be able to earn thousands of banner credits just by taking some code from them and displaying it on your website or blog. You are credited by the banner exchanges each time you get a unique visitor to your site, as your information is embedded into the code. Its a pretty neat way to rack up quite a lot of extra advertising for you without too much effort.

Check out below the banners for how to get free banner advertising by reading the simple instructions.

Note: Some of the Best Free Banner Exchanges are also free manual traffic exchanges also.

hitlink-trafficexchange      Hitlink


traffic g      TrafficG


Viralbanner468       Viral Banner Ad Co-op


banner vip       Banner VIP


banneradz        Banner Adz


intellibanners        Intellibanners


buckets of banners       Buckets of banners


mul-TE        Mul-TE


the banner exchange       The banner exchange



Finding the information you need on the banner exchanges

After joining some of the sites, you will need to find and save some extra information from them. You will need to find a place on their site where they give you a little snippet of code to display on your website or blog. On different sites they may put it in different places, but it isn’t usually too hard to find. You can get an idea of what to look for in these examples below.


hitlink banner exchange code

From the main menu in Hitlink, first click on ‘Manage Ads’ and from the drop downmenu choose ‘Ad Exchange’ which will show you the above page. Then you will copy the code from the box (number 2)


mul-te instructions


On the Mul-te site, first you click the ‘Earn Banner Credits’ button and then you will see the banner code in the box that you should copy and paste into a notepad file, and save it to use later. Be sure to take care and copy all of the code not make a mistake. It has to be 100% correct or it won’t work.


viral banner ad co-op menu

In the Viral Banner Ad Co-op example, you can see you access the code snippet from the ‘Earn Credits’ button on the menu. Usually the code isn’t too difficult to find on most sites, but sometimes you may just have to look about first.

Once you have saved your code snippets, you can then decide where you want to display them. Do you have a blog or a wordpress page where you get many visitors? If so, it’s just a matter of placing the code on the page and everytime it gets a visitor, you’ll be credited.

inserting banner exchange site code

In WordPress, first you will click on pages (or posts – depending on what you want to create), then secondly click on ‘Text’. Third, you will paste in your desired code snippet for the banner you want to display on your page and earn credits from. Don’t forget to click on the blue ‘update’ button on the far right side of the page to ensure your changes are saved. Above the blue ‘update’ button, you will see one labeld ‘preview changes’. Click to open another tab and checkout what your page looks like.

That’s it really. Pretty easy to setup a single banner exchange snippet on a single page to earn some free credits, right?

If you are wanting to know how to do it on a much larger scale to earn tens of thousands of free banner credits every week, then you had better head back to over to Free Banner Hits and follow the instructions there. Ads

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